Robert C. Grace

Managing Director & President

Tom Michelman

Senior Director, Distributed Energy Resources Practice Lead

Jason Gifford

Senior Director

Kathryn Craddock Mckee

Senior Director, Operations

John Keene

Senior Director & General Counsel

Raghu Palavadi Naga


Jim Kennerly


Stephan Wollenburg

Senior Consultant

Po-Yu Yuen

Senior Consultant, Market Analytics Manager

Erin Smith

Principal Analyst

Toby Armstrong

Principal Analyst

Andrew Lidington


Mary McMahon

Senior Analyst

Cal Brown

Senior Policy Analyst

Eric Pinsker-Smith

Senior Analyst

Witter Swanson


Yasin Naman

Market Analyst Fellow

Sahil Bakht



SEA is firmly committed to the future – and those that help make the future the present. We are proud to engage in the Massachusetts’ Clean Energy Center Internship Program. Below you will find our current wonderful interns:

Jenna Whitney

Research Associate Intern

Jonas Kaplan-Bucciarelli

Research Associate Intern

Executive Advisors

On a project basis, SEA periodically brings in experienced professionals to add their expertise to a SEA project team in support of a client’s needs. SEA has working relationships with advisors including:

Libby Delucia-Harting

Executive Advisor

Anna Giovinetto


Raymond Coxe, Ph.D.

Executive Advisor

William (Bill) Golove

Executive Advisor